• Drive Systems
    January 2022

    The drive system is the connection point between the pump and your engine. Choosing the correct drive will ensure the best experience for your needs.

  • Engine Comparison
    January 2022

    The engine is the heart of every pressure washer. That is why BE Power takes the selection of the engine so seriously.We only use Over Head Valve (OHV) engines due to their higher low-end torque, compact size, and easier maintenance.

  • Frame Comparison
    January 2022

    When reviewing the total performance of a pressure washer, all the components need to be considered. Frames are the foundation that everything is built onto. Reviewing the type of material used to make the frame lets you choose the benefits that are most important to you.

  • Hose Comparison
    January 2022

    It is important to match up the accessories to the power of the machine. If the hoses and nozzles are the incorrect size, they will lower the performance and cause excessive wear on the engine and pump.

  • Unloaders
    January 2022

    The unloader is often an overlooked and misunderstood part of the pressure washer pump. Make sure you know the details so that you get a what is best suited for your pressure will last longer.

  • Axial and Triplex Pumps
    Feburary 2022

    The pump is a critical component of every pressure washer. Knowing the difference between them will help you select the machine that is suited to your task.

  • Water Transfer Pumps
    March 2022

    The standard water transfer pump excels at moving large amounts of clear water.

  • High Pressure Pumps
    March 2022

    The high-pressure water pump is designed to move clear water at greater distances and is able to spray water with the correct attachments.

  • Chemical Pumps
    March 2022

    The chemical pump is capable of pumping clear water as well as corrosive fluids such as liquid fertilizers. This is a very popular pump in the agriculture industry.

  • Semi-Trash Pumps
    March 2022

    The Semi-trash pump is built with heavier materials and more durable seals. This allows it move water with grit and some debris.

  • Full-Trash Pumps
    March 2022

    The Full-trash pump is a tougher duty version of the Semi-trash pump. The full-trash version can handle larger debris on a regular basis.

  • Foam Lances
    March 2022

    The foam lance is a pleasure to use. It effortlessly plugs into the quick connect coupler at the end of your spray wand. The soap flow rate is easily adjusted with a turn of knob putting you in control of how much soap is used.

  • Telescoping Wand
    March 2022

    The telescoping wand is our solution for reaching those higher up areas on a building that would normally require a ladder. Using a pressure washer on a ladder can create difficult and potentialy dangerous scenarios, the telescoping wand keeps you where you need to be, on the ground.

  • Hot Water + Soap Injector
    June 2022

    Learn how to use detergents with a hot water pressure washer by watching this video. The use of detergents will increase your cleaning power and can help to make a pressure washer job finish quicker and with better results.

  • Hot Water Start Up Procedure
    June 2022

    A hot water pressure washer has two different systems that need to be started. The first is the gas engine and high pressure pump system. The second is the hot water burner system. Knowing the proper steps will help ensure ease of operation and the elimination of problems. This video will go over the steps in detail to help you succeed.

  • Hot Water Shut Down Procedure
    June 2022

    Once a hot water pressure washer is running, you need to take care to shut it down properly to avoid problems and minimize the strain on the components so they last as long as possible. This video will show you the five steps needed to shut it down safely.

  • Portable High Pressure Pump
    August 2022

    The high-pressure water pump is designed to move clear water at greater distances and is able to spray water with the correct attachments, while adding the extra portablity you need with it's attached wheels.

  • Powerease Engine Start-Up Procedure
    October 2022

    This video goes over the proper steps to start your Powerease engine pressure washer.

  • How To Winterize Your BE Pressure Washer
    November 2022

    It's critical to properly store your pressure washer before winter arrives if you want to avoid costly repairs or replacements.